Credits and e-Soft Partnership Announcement

Sagar Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Sagar Group proudly announces the partnership between Credits and one of its many subsidiaries company e-Soft, a security and privacy safety driven entity.

e-Soft’s partnership with Credits open a gateway for new possibilities in Nepal and provides a revolutionary safety approach. E-Soft which has been providing the nation with the leading antivirus solutions from more than a decade joins Credits to introduce blockchain platform in the market.

Blockchain are blocks of data stored that is decentralized, distributed and encrypted. Credits are the first fully autonomous system, complete in Turing, which makes it one of a kind. This allows Credits to create services using cycles, schedule, and other groundbreaking features. Furthermore, the unique concept of implementing smart contracts and public data registry helps the system to process a large number of transactions every second.

The speed at which Credits processes transaction while maintaining absolute security is astonishing. With the capability of operating in 0.01 second with minimal commission makes it a new innovative revolution for e-commerce market around the globe. And thanks to Sagar Group, Credits services are now available in Nepal via e-Soft, a company that has successfully satisfied over 1 million individual and more than 1000 businesses entities all over Nepal.