Introducing Exclusive GPS Smart Watch in Nepal at Affordable Price | xLab Smart Watch

Sagar Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Smart watch is trending in Nepal akin to Smart phones. Automation has taken place in general lifestyle of humans and so are people enthralled to go smart with their watches. Watches are in trend. People are more into Desktops, Mobile, Laptop, etc. for timekeeping and more into watches to match their personality. In fact, it is the only vogue that men prefer for their classy look and therefore has become an extension of their personality, something that reflects one’s inner style.

While Sagar Group first introduced xLab brand in Nepal along with smart watch, most of the people are unaware of it. This is why we will be talking about the features, price, and other variants of xLab Smart Watch.

xLab World’s Exclusive Smart Watch with GPS: DW-028

Features Simply:

1. Built-In GPS

2. Dynamic Heart Rate 

3. Support Calling 

4. Sleep Mode 

5. Multiple Sports Mode (6 Kinds of Sports Tracking)

Trail Run, Walking, Run Indoor, Running, Biking, Hiking

At any time, any occasion, you are in control.

Available Colors:

Red, Black and Orange

Embedded Strava App

xLab Smart Watch is embedded with most popular App Strava compatible for both Android and iOS. Hitfit support sharing your sports data to Strava which includes GPS workout routes, Heart Rate, Altitude, Speed, Sports Situation, etc. Title and description can be shared freely after the data has been shared to Strava.

xLab’s Smart Watch Sports Detection System has three kinds of tracking systems like Running, Walking, Biking, Hiking, etc., making your sport a living figure.

Push Notifications

Perfect Notifications Monitoring and Push Functions for SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp/Skype

No important information from your phone is missed out.

Rotary Knob

Ingenious industrial design makes operation not dull. For easy operation to change menus you can simply, Click and Click.

xLab Smart watch goes well with everything. Stylish for office wear, looks cool for sports wear, touch screen with GPS embedded, and what not !

Grab your xLab Smart Watch right now from: Baleyo Store.