Brand Concept

Sagar Group started as an initiative, an ambition; to provide the Nepali market with the best products that the technology has to offer. We started our journey with hopes of becoming a brand that is competent and assists people in their day to day life through the products and services we provide.

“A brand that is competent.”

Positioning Statement

Sagar Group feels you should not have to worry about the essentials in your life. We strive to bring all the technologically advanced products and services that are both intelligent and reliable. We strive for this because of our enthusiasm for making lives better and deliver exceptional service.

Brand Platform

Our brand is what defines us, but there are elements that resonate with the brand itself. There are four elements that our brand comprises of, and they are:

               The Vision: A vivid image of what we aspire to achieve.

Unique Manner: The way we carry our business.

The Quality: Always the best.

The Benefit: More than just a purchase.

Our Slogan | Possibilities: Unlimited

“Possibilities: Unlimited.” This slogan that we abide by allows us to work without any barrier set any goal and achieve anything. The sole purpose is to exceed the limits and do what is deemed impossible or unreachable.