Message From Director

Sagar Group is a leading and progressive IT Distribution company that has grown incredibly in its relatively short history. As a dynamic and people-oriented company, we take pride in serving our business partners, clients, and customers with the highest standards in quality, genuineness, and value for money on the large range of IT products we make available. As the Director of Sagar Group, I want to share this story of how I started from the very bottom and the journey that shaped me to become the Director of one of the most comprehensive ICT solution providing company.

I developed an interest in the business from a very young age, and the prospect of how businesses operate, survive, and sustain their lifecycle always fascinated me. Growing up in Banepa, I realized that business opportunities were available at large and not only that would not only help the community but the local economy as well.

Working at Sagar has been quite a journey for me. I started as an Account Assistant here at 2009, and through consistency, hard work, and sheer determination; I am now the Director entitled to responsibilities that continually challenge and enhance my abilities. I can proudly say that Sagar Group is among the very few places where an individual can grow both as a person and as a professional peer. Working as an Account Assistant became one of the most resourceful experiences in my life, and I believe my perspective and perception matured a lot. After serving as an Accountant Assistant for approximately a year, I moved to the Customer Support Department, where I got to learn more about what Nepali customers, their needs, wants and desire; in general the kind of products that could potentially bloom in the Nepali market.

My working experience in Sagar Group has always served me as a persona building block. With the diverse experience I gained from working at the Customer Support Department, I got promoted as a product manager, where I incorporated my experience and knowledge and further enhanced it. With extensive experience and a willingness to grow inside one organization, Today, I am working as a Director now.

I have seen Sagar Group grow from a small scale initiative to large scale business, excelling in IT product distribution and trading. It is the quality control aspects of Sagar Group that have made it such a massive success among local customers. One notion that I always have faith in is:

“If it is something I would buy, then it is something I would sell.”

Embedding this concept in all aspects of the business has enabled Sagar Group to offer the leading range of IT products and service in Nepal. As a Director, I take responsibility for keeping track of the quality of products and services, brands, and the closely keep track of price fluctuations of those goods that helps in determining the best source for acquiring goods.

I am also proud to claim that the entire staff of Sagar Group is dedicated to improving the quality of service and product as well as creating a positive working environment. We redefine the meaning of working as a team with our collaboration on making each business process sublime.

The end result is top quality IT products and services at affordable prices that comprise of innovative and technologically advanced features. Our services encourage productivity, performance and ultimately, enhance the quality of live.