Mission & Vision

Sagar Group is committed to providing the level of service that not only meets customer’s experience but also exceeds it as well. Such commitment of ours has helped up to have a sturdy base of over 1 million satisfied customers. However, the numbers have never intimidated us in providing world class customer support and reaching out to customers when they require.

Our company listens to customer views and takes their feedback very seriously because doing so helps us to see the area in which we can improve and outweigh our existing service in terms of quality. By carefully considering customer feedback and implementing necessary rectification, we create a better business – for ourselves, stakeholders and most importantly customers.

We constantly strive to introduce the latest and greatest technologies in the Nepali market. We simply want to be part of a change and touch every single life through our outstanding products and services.

Our Vision: Reach The Unreached

Sagar Group works to bridge the gap between people and technology and we try to do that by understanding what customers need in their lives to further enhance the experience.

Ethical Business: The form of ethnical business that we practice defines as providing customers with something that is too valuable for money to buy and too rare for everyone to offer. It is sincerity and integrity. We keep these two factors in all our dealings weather it is with customers, partners, or our staff.

Trust and Respect: Trust is one of the purest gestures and a form of feeling that humans can have mutually whereas respect is something that comes naturally with trust. Our way of business dealing makes sure that the trust part is always present because if we did not acquire trust then it would have been impossible for us to reach more than 1 million satisfied customers.

We build trust through honest and conventional dealings with the methods that our customers know and have knowledge. Respect is something that we give to our customers by listening to what they have to tell and act on it promptly. Our customers repay these gestures as loyal customers and that’s all we will ever require of them.