Lost Customer Survey_1_9182019

Lost Customer Survey_1_9182019

What was the reason that attracted you to become our Customer?

To what extent did each of the following impact your decision to discontinue your collaboration with us?

ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at all
Range of Products/Services
Quality of Products/Services
Brand Value
After Sales Support
Behavior of personnel
Poor understanding of your requirements
Unavailability of consumables/Spare Parts
Pricing of Product
Better Alternative Company

Which Company/Competitor did you shift to now meet your requirement?

On the scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the competitor for the following

Better Range of Products/Services
Better Quality
Higher Brand Value
Better Customer Services
Better Pricing
Better offer and schemes

Will you be willing to resume your collaboration with us, if we improve the areas you are dissatisfied with?

Do you feel you were given good information about our products/services and prices to make your experience smooth and hassle free?

Will you still be interested to know about our new products/services in the future?

If you were not provided with good experience, would the following make it better?

Please state what would be the biggest difference between us and the company you chose now to collaborate with?

Did you speak about your negative experience with us to a colleague/friend? What did they have to say?

Is there any other information that you would like to convey us which can help us improve customer experience?