Self Appraisal - Format

Qualitative Measures

What do you consider to be your major on-the-job accomplishments since your last review *

List your areas of strengths and areas needing improvement. *

Do you have the resources you need to perform your job? What additional resources or information would be helpful? *

Are there any changes that could be made to improve your effectiveness? *

What skills or new knowledge would you like to develop to improve your perfomance? *

What can you, your supervisor, or the agency do to improve your performance and increase your overall job satisfaction? *

How you to access communication within your department? How well informed are you of the information necessary to perfom your duties efficiently? What additional information do you need? *

What are your long-range career objectives and what are your plans to accomplish these objectives? Objectives include potential job rotations, promotions, additional job responsibilities, education, and training. *

What goals would you be interested in working toward between now and the next performance evaluation? *

How will you measure progress toward these goals? *

How can you bring added value to this organization? *