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First Look of Kaspersky 2020 Version


                                                                                  The fight between security vendors and cybercriminals is an endless race: after a security vendor enhances the defenses, cybercriminals find new ways to bypass them, then these ways get blocked by security vendors – the cycle continues in a circle.

That’s why good security solutions need to be constantly updated, and that means not just antivirus database updates, but also restoring the core mechanics of the antivirus as well as adding new features or improving existing ones. After all, there’s way more than just viruses to protect against.

Kaspersky solutions are good ones – it’s what hundreds of millions of our users think, and what independent experts say. And yes, Kaspersky updates them constantly, but every summer there’s also a major update that adds more features and improvements in the products. The time has come for this year’s major update – please welcome the 2020 versions of Kaspersky products by registering for the launching event of new products organized by Sagar Technolink as per the given program details:


Event :            First Look of Kaspersky 2020 Version

Date :             Wednesday, 21th August 2019

Time :             06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Venue :          Hotel Royal Singi (Baithak Hall)

kamladi ,Kathmandu, Nepal


The main products of Kaspersky for consumers are Kaspersky AntivirusKaspersky Internet Security (for Windows, Android and Mac), Kaspersky Total Security. The 2020 versions of all of these got new features and updates that make them faster, more secure to help build a safer world together with you.