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We provide a range of services in different areas.

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IT and Communication

Our company philosophy has always been focusing on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. SAGAR Group carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market.

Printing & Solutions

AntiVirus & Security Solution

Communication System

Multimedia Projector Solution

POS Billing Solution

Networking Solution

Data Storage Solution

Barcode Reader & Scanner Solution

Mobile and Laptop Accessories

Wellness and Hospitality

Indulge yourself at the exotic luxurious CHAITANYA, and satisfy your senses with Pampering, Invigorative, Exfoliative, Detoxifying, and Revitalizing treatments drawn from ancient medical traditions.

Massage Treatment

Natural Therapy

Beauty and Salon

Yoga and Meditation

Special SPA Packages

Sagar Group Story
Sagar Group Story

Media and Events

Uniquely Developed Plans for Genuine and Saleable Marketing Strategies to accelerate your business

Creative Designing

Event Managment

Media Agency


Finance and Investment

Financing and Investment is a very effective tool that Sagar Group uses to evolve and develop itself while also developing others. We focus on creating a society that is capable of achieving the things that are deemed impossible. We work with the local people and uplift their living standard and creating a value added benefit on their investment.

This way, we encourage people do save more, learn more and eventually earn more. We invest in different areas which provide ROI as well as investing in people. This way, we motive the emerging entrepreneurs of the future. By doing so, we take part in a change that we want to see.

Sagar Group Story
Sagar Group Story

Smart Health and Lifestyle

Smart Technology for your Regular Body Care and Lifestyle at Home.

Data Security and Privacy Solution

On-premise or In-the-cloud Protection for your Business and Home Security.

Sagar Group Story