Hamro Afnai Multi-Purpose

Hamro Afnai Multi-Purpose (HAMP) was established under the cooperative Act 2048 (reg. no.) by the authority of Nepal Government under the initiative of different experienced people in their related field and is helping the local people with financing and saving associated services.

This multi-purpose organization is located in Banepa, Kavre and operates solely from its head office situated there.

In today’s rapidly changing world, people are quite aware of the importance of finance and for the people of Banepa, Kavre, HAMP acts as an educator and influencer.

HAMP collects the money from the public while providing an attractive interest rate then utilizes that accumulated capital and invests in various sectors. This ultimately encourages people to save, and this eventually helps to raise the living standard of farmers, labors and unemployed low-income grass-rooted people. Moreover, the investing provision also encourages emerging industrialist of our country to extend their business who previously could not do so because of financial limitations.

In essence, HAMP exists to support people of different class financially and invests in different skill-oriented, cash-oriented, product-oriented and income-generating skills that make them capable, independent and successful. The main objective of HAMP is to help people establish themselves in their related fields.