Saksham Investment Company

Saksham Investment Company is a corporate firm established by a group of professionals who have realized the need and benefits of institutionalizing investment banking services and the massive potential it holds for the Nepal market. Established with the motto of “Making Everyone An Entrepreneur,” Saksham Investment Company aims to be an efficient and effective mediator for capital mobilization which helps to earn a superior return on capital invested. It aspires to do so, by promoting entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives necessary capital; makes necessary capital available to any committed and dynamic entrepreneurs.

Saksham Investment Company extends beyond the local capital market and also has an influence on the international capital market as well. All the credit goes to the experienced team that makes it possible. Saksham Investment believes that creating and motivating entrepreneurs is more like securing world business on the scale of one step at a time. It works for the benefit of its clients.

Saksham Investment Company’s range of services cover:

  1. Individual and institutional investors seeking a superior return

    • Identifying and sourcing investment opportunities
    • Facilitating transactions
    • Assisting in periodic review/valuations
    • Assisting exit on right time
  2. Institutions seeking long term capital

    • Planning appropriate capital structure
    • Sourcing cost-effective capital – in terms of source, amount, terms, price, and procedures
    • Providing advisory services/assistance in managing/deploying the capital raised
    • Continuous re-structuring of capital structure