xLab Enliven 3D Full Body Shaitsu Massage Chair

xLab Enliven 3D Full Body Shaitsu Massage Chair

xLab Enliven 3D Full Body Shaitsu Massage Chair

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Features :
- Relieve muscle soreness and fatigue
- Improve the digestive system
- Promote metabolism
- Relax the body.

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    • S-L Back Track S shape backrest,fit human back shape perfectly,make the neck and waist massage more powerful; L shape back track,allows the back rollers go down to the buttocks and thigh, make the buttocks massage more powerful.
     Zero Gravity Position By assuming the positure astronauts take during lift off on space missions,a zero gravity position can help relieving stress on the bady and allows for a deeper,more intense massage experience; plus,it promotes circulation in the legs and reduces swelling. - Body scan Equipped with body scan sensor,adjustable track roller position and leg part length automatically,to match the user’s body size. - Foot massage Foot & calf roller system,perform a reflexology experience,help relief foot stress and tiredness. 
     Rocking & Silding Gives the classic rocking chair feeling for total relaxation by moving the upper part of the chair back and forth rhythmic.The upper part of this chair can sliding forward while it is reclining,so the rear space required is less than ever.
     Heating Equipped with carbon fiber heating pad,offer heat for back,buttocks,calf and ankles.